A Leap of Faith

I was feeling good this week, then yesterday the clouds hit me.  Nothing triggered it, I can’t even say why they came but when they appeared, the tears followed.  But today the sun shone, there was warmth in the air and I felt the energy shift.

Sometimes all it takes is a big leap of faith to get over our obstacles.

Tash riding (800x600)

Like my daughter on her trusty Merlin.  A big dose of confidence and self-belief that we can get anywhere, that when we have faith we can tackle any thing that comes our way.

I’ve lost my way a bit over the course of the past year.  Sometimes it’s felt as though I’m in a thick forest with no light coming in.  It’s been hard knowing what direction to take.

DSCN7851 (800x600)

It’s felt gloomy at times, like I haven’t been able to see the forest for the trees.  But if we keep looking upwards and with our face to the sky we can find my way out of anything.

Take risks (800x600)

Our dog Harry and his pal Louie, are unsure of their footing on this bridge.

We can be too, but we persevere, though it’s not always easy.

prickly fella (800x600)

I’ll be honest, there are days when all I want to do is have some time alone and go into my shell …

… defend myself from the outside world …

and just savor the quiet.

Bull chilling out (800x600) (2)

And there are days I just feel a little bit miffed at life.

… like the frown on my face will never lift.

… and I just want to close my eyes so hard the world disappears.

But things generally turn out okay if I chill out and relax.  Not take life too seriously.

Embrace life (800x600)

Like Harry.  He knows … there are those days when we feel we can fly, and we won’t believe anyone who says we can’t.

When we just have to be a rebel, to take a leap and feel better for it…

…  when nothing matters but how good the present moment feels, from the wind in the air to the tweets of the birds

… when you look at the world with such awe you become a part of it.

Lost in nature (800x600)

Yes, there are definitely those times that I need to relish more

… when nothing exists but the present moment, and we feel all our worries get picked up and tossed away.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just embrace life. Accept what is.  Understanding that everything is as it should be, that we’re all just where we’re meant to be on our journey.

That’s what I’m trying to do.

I hope we all can enjoy each day and moment as it unfolds.

I wish you all peace and happiness.  May you all stay safe and continue to enjoy the journey.

91 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

  1. Everything you said in this article resonated in me. I do agree that sometimes, we just need to savor the present moment, it’s one way to take care of ourselves. And as usual, I love your photos.

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  2. I hope you find your way through the forest soon, Miriam. I know you have the strength and the right attitude to get through it.
    It’s small comfort when times are tough but maybe another way to look at it is … if life was always smooth sailing we would never learn to be grateful for the good in our lives. Those sad days teach us something. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way xxx

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    1. You’re so right Kim, I know that. The rough waters always makes way for smooth sailing eventually. Some days it’s harder than others but it’s true that the sad days teach us something. And today really was good, lots of sunshine and positive thoughts. Thanks for your support and friendship Kim, it means a lot. Hugs back. xo

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  3. Miriam, what a lovely allegory! I’ve been wanting to post about faith. I appreciate you taking the leap to encourage me to do the same.
    And is that your daughter in the last image? I had to do several takes, literally. Perhaps it’s the shadows, in that image she looks much like me.

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  4. Peace to you friend. Your faith will keep you moving forward. We might have to ‘walk though the valley’. But the point is we have to keep moving, not set up camp and hang out there. You are coming through, and helping others while you do.

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  5. This is a wonderful post… because it’s realistic. Sometimes it seems like I read so many things telling us we’re not supposed to ever have the bad feelings… snap out of it immediately and be happy, think positive, and everything will be better. I do believe things change over time so chances are, bad will get better. But it’s not the flipping of a switch in the brain! If only it were that easy…

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    1. So true Sandra and I guess I’m just writing it raw and from the heart. I know that we all have our ups and downs, life throws us challenges and things change. But sometimes it takes time to change and move on, like you said it’s not like we can flip a switch … though I often wish that at night when I got to bed and the thoughts are churning! Thanks so much for being there Sandra. xo

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  6. Every obstacle can become history sooner or later if we have faith in us. Sun will arise again on our street. And… As you said, not take life too seriously, because today you can be up, tomorrow down, and then up again and so on. 🙂
    All we need is a little confidence. I am glad you’re ok now, Miriam 🙂

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  7. Miriam what a great post. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in life. A lot of it is because I’m a high energy person but also can get on emotional roller coasters. The bug turning point in my life was at 32 when I had my first child and suffered severe postpartum depression afterwards. It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. At a point I didn’t know if I would make it. Thankfully I did intense therapy with both a psychologist and psychiatrist after and I realize now that I learned amazing tools at handling my emotions and ups and downs. I now rarely get them but when I do they are lesser than before. I do the things that bring me joy like travel, running and walking and trying something new. Maybe talking with a life coach would help if you ever have. Having the right person to help guide you through it helps as you can’t always rely on yourself to pull yourself out. I also read a lot of inspiring books and try to be around people who make me laugh and let go of those friendships where they bring me down. Anyway hope this helps. Writing about it is so good for the soul!

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    1. Hi Nicole, thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I remember you saying before that you suffered from postpartum depression which must have been such a traumatic time for you. However it sounds as though you worked through it and learned a lot about yourself at the same time. My support system has felt a bit fractured this year but fortunately things are on the improve. It’s a time when we really do need people around us. I too like to read inspiring books and walk, travel and be around positive people but sometimes, like you said we can’t go through it alone and talking to someone else can help.

      And yes, writing is incredibly good for the soul. This blog has been my godsend. Thanks for your friendship and support Nicole. xox

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  8. Lovely ~ I’ve been trying, myself, not to worry about what’s done and can’t be changed but sometimes thoughts start creeping into my head about it. I tell them to go away but sometimes they just don’t! I will keep telling them ~ go away. We are here, we must turn our thoughts to good things, keep going, keep trying and accept. Life is life is what I keep telling myself. Thanks for sharing, you make me feel more normal. Take care, Miriam, and I hope you will have a good rest of your week.

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    1. Thanks Candice-Marie, I really appreciate your kind words and it’s so comforting when I hear others battling with the same thoughts, worries and fears. I guess we’re all the same fundamentally! And yes, life is life.

      We’ll just keep collectively telling those negative thoughts to go away. 🙂 You take care too and have a good week.

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  9. As we walk through this life we sometimes ponder the true meaning of our existance. Are we here for some wonderous purpose, maybe to solve some cosmic riddle? Or are we wandering aimlessly along with nothing to ground us to the present. I personaly believe we are not in control of what life throws at us, and the true measure of a person is the fortitude gathered up from fear, and the willingness to take a chance with our desicions and hope for the best.

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    1. I tend to share your thoughts and believe that we’re not in control of what life throws at us, perhaps only of the magnitude and of how we react to it. As always, I appreciate your wise words and perspective.

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  10. You are such a heartfelt soul. Your honestly catches my breath sometimes, it’s so poetic. I admire you and your strength to keep stepping in a forest full of darkness. It’s hard to see where the next steps are, yet you keep looking up and finding your path out. Those days when the dark outweighs the light, please remember I am here and you are loved. ❤️

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  11. Oh Miriam I’m so glad I came to your blog. You write so beautifully and put into words exactly how I feel some days. Like you say some days I feel like I could leap a mountain and others I feel useless and weak. It is my family, my dog and my blogging community of friends that get me through. I would be lost without them. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Kathy, so nice to hear from you and to hear that you resonate. I feel exactly the same way about the blogging community. Glad we’ve connected and look forward to sharing lots more. Cheers.


  12. You described all the emotional ups and downs of life so well, Miriam. With excellent pictures to match (I especially like the miffed cow!) Have courage, my friend! Even as I write, “have courage,” it feels silly, because I know that you already do! Your posts are such an inspiration. I know that they must come from a deep place of courage and wisdom inside you.

    I have experienced all of those days that you described. One of the things I’m learning, which it sounds like you know to be true too, is my mood will change. So I just accept that I will have times when I am happy, sad, anxious, peeved, excited, tired, timid, etc. I accept each one, and I know that whatever else is happening, I’m ok, and I’ll be ok again. Sending you the warmest wishes from this side of the ocean! ❤️

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    1. You’re so right Lulu, our moods do change, all the time. From one day to the next, just as I’m writing this now and feeling pretty content after my coffee 🙂 to whatever I’ll be feeling tomorrow, whether it’s a low mood or, hopefully an optimistic one. We really have no choice but to accept. I think sometimes when I fight the feelings that’s when they become more intense. Thanks Lulu, hugs and warmest wishes to you too. xo

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  13. I’m just about to turn on the coffee pot for my first cup of my day, and you are ending yours. 🙂 Here’s to a good day for us both – today and tomorrow! And acceptance of wherever our day takes us.

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  14. Miriam, this is such a strong and beautiful post – your positive nature shining through. I’m sorry things are tough for you at the moment. Likewise here but through the troubles I’m finding myself ever more aware of the present, for sanity’s sake stopping to enjoy the flowers, to smell the Spring air. Odd…it helps a bunch -your post just a reinforcement of this. Thank you for sharing. I love the photo of Harry with his head out of the window – absolutely brilliant – don’t you just feel like doing that at times?!

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    1. Your last comment about Harry made me smile! Yeah I do sometimes feel like doing that, when times are good. And you’re right, we do have to stop and smell the roses more often. Thanks for your great comment and warmest wishes to you. xo

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  15. What a lovely and thoughtful post. Hang in there, Miriam! You have a great attitude and a real gift with your words and photos (loved the ones of Harry and Merlin). The good days will come again….

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  16. You are so right. Sometimes, you just have to hang on, knowing it’ll all come out in the wash.

    We may never know or understand why something happened. That grief can really shake our foundations, and often sneak up on us when we least expect it. Like when we’re in the grocery store.

    You are doing great! Keeping your head above water, and going with the flow. I believe soon you will feel the security of the shore beneath your feet and will walk ahead with confidence, and will put this chaotic time behind you.

    *hugs* ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Vanessa, I really appreciate your encouraging words. I agree that grief sneaks up on us when we least expect it. Just when I think I’m doing great it knocks me back down again!
      But I’m hoping to find that solid shore sooner or later. In the meantime, thanks for your support and for being there. Cheers and have a great weekend. xo

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      1. The thing I’ve come to about grief, is to think of it like a friend. I know that sounds odd, but it seemed to help me cope with it better than thinking of it like an enemy sometimes.

        You have a great weekend too hon. Keeping you in my prayers. *hugs* ❤

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        1. It’s not odd at all, it’s kind of like acceptance isn’t it, after all, that’s what friends are and do. It’s a great way to look at it. Thanks Vanessa. Hugs back. xo

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        1. I did. I wrote it a few years after some things that happened to my husband and I. If you felt it was written for you, then it was. 🙂 Sometimes it’s as through words reach out across miles and time, and I believe the Creator knew we’d see them at just the right time. You’ve touch my heart to say it moved you so. Thank you. *hugs* ❤

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        2. It really did. You have no idea. I can’t express how I feel except to say it’s been the thing that’s strengthened me the most and words that feel so “right” at this point in my life. I’ve printed it and it’s with me. Thank you again Vanessa. Hugs. xox

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