Animal Aid

The healing power of touch can’t be disputed.  Calming, relaxing, nurturing, we all need it.  And when it comes to animals there’s little doubt how much comfort they provide.

Since my mum has been in the care facility she’s lost many of her senses.  I go in whenever I can, I hold her hand, stroke her hair and kiss her forehead.  She always loved animals so yesterday when I found out that Animals on the Move were coming in for the afternoon I wanted to go in and make sure she was part of it.


Just touching the softness of the rabbits seemed to make a difference.  She has no words now so she couldn’t tell me but I sensed by her smile and contented look she understood. It didn’t last long but it was a small moment of joy. And I cherish these moments.


There’s something about being around animals that grounds us.  Maybe it’s because they have no expectations, they love unconditionally and give themselves so freely.


This is Woody the duck.  Amy the carer told me that Woody has deformed feet and runs slower than the other ducks.  Because of that he’s picked on by the others, but she says he’s resilient.  It seems even in the animal world there’s struggles.

New chicks &Harry Sept2012 060

Harry’s our stress reliever.  Ten years ago we adopted him from a shelter.  For me patting him, walking him and talking to him keeps me sane.  Stroking him at times becomes a form of meditation. He does nothing and yet he gives so much love by his sheer presence.


Likewise our horse Merlin who gives us (and in particular our daughter) endless joy.


The greatest healing therapy is love.  Love given freely by us, family and the love that comes from animals, who may not have the words to express it, just as mum doesn’t have anymore, but can feel it and communicate it through expressions and actions.

Something to care for and love makes us all appreciate the small (and big) things in life.

So hug an animal today.  There are so many benefits.  It lowers the blood pressure, protects the immune system, releases the happy hormone Oxytocin, calms and keeps the feel good vibes flowing.  Take it from the experts in the animal kingdom.

hugging is good medicine

And if you don’t have an animal, go hug a human.  It’s even better.

Wishing you peace and love as you continue the journey.  Hugs to you all.

Friday hugs

86 thoughts on “Animal Aid

  1. Sounds like it was a lovely day, Miriam. I’m so pleased your mum got to do that with you, I bet she loved it. Animals are so good for the spirit, they sense when someone needs comforting and just give themselves over to it. Love given freely, just as you said. Cherish those moments, my friend xo

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    1. So true, Kim, animals really are good for the spirit. Unfortunately mum got tired very quickly and seemed to switch off but at least she had a short period where she seemed to know and enjoy what was happening. Short lived moments of joy are better than nothing, I do cherish them. Thanks Kim. xox

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  2. What a wonderful program Miriam! I love how they bring in all sorts of animals. I can imagine what a positive impact it makes! We just got out puppy and I am absolutely exhausted! He has been up every two hours at night just like a newborn. He is very loving though.

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    1. I can just imagine how exhausted you must be Nicole. I’ll never forget, years ago, bringing our Blue Heeler pup home, him crying all night and putting a clock in with him to simulate his mother’s heartbeat. It worked. Have fun!

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  3. With animals there’s no deceit, no jealousy, no cheating. No anger, no fear, no lying. Only the purist form of love that there is. Given freely, expressed fully, there is no other love that can fill the void like animals. (Especially dogs!)

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  4. Love the post and yes we can learn a lot about acceptance and unconditional love which is offered to us by animals. If only us humans could be equally compassionate and altruistic in our behaviors towards each other.

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  5. I love all of those arnimals! Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose, that’s what I call em’. Glad to hear your Mom enjoyed holding the bunnies, I’m sure it was a special treat. I think dogs, like Harry, pick up on our moods and are happy to just be with us, someday I will get a dog again, too. Have a great weekend!

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  6. I’m stealing that hug graphic! 😉

    What a wonderful idea that is, to bring the animals to places for people to pet. They help so much, more than we can comprehend, I think. I’ve heard of them being used in kids’ hospitals, but the elderly can really benefit too. I’m glad your mother had a chance to experience that. 🙂 You’re a good daughter, Miriam.

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    1. Absolutely. Not just for kids, the elderly get so much joy fron being around the animals. Such a worthwhile program. Thanks for your kind comment Vanessa, and as for the graphic, steal away! 🙂

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  7. I definitely agree that touch expresses what words cannot and animals gives us love freely, unconditionally. I almost cry upon reading this post of yours Miriam, it is indeed touching and awe-inspiring. Thank you! and the hugging thing? so sensual.

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    1. Yeah, he’s a bit of a goofy donkey our Merl! Funny that you should mention my guitar as I’d been thinking of bringing it in, then a string broke. So I sang to her the other day anyway! Have a nice weekend Lindsey.

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  8. Beautiful post Miriam, interesting Animal on the move, never heard before, I don’t think we have it here. Animals are always a blessing. I grew up close to them, I know about their power. Glad you and your mother had a good time, and your horse is a funny one! 🙂

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  9. Thanks Elizabeth. It’s a wonderful service that really connects animals with those who need the joy of touch the most. And these are animals that have been orphaned and hand raised so it’s a win-win situation. And yes, Merlin has quite a personally!


  10. I’m so glad you were able to take your mother to see the animals. Long ago, I was involved with an animal shelter that did “pet therapy,” which meant we took certified therapy dogs into nursing homes and homes where children with severe disabilities lived and let the dogs visit with any patient who wanted to see them. It was so nice to see people who could no longer respond to humans respond so positively to the dog sitting quietly at their side, or even in their lap. You are right: touch comforts, and animals have that down pat!

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    1. Yes, pet therapy is very big here in Australia as well. Certified therapy dogs that go into Children’s Hospitals and Aged Care homes really do make a huge difference to those who can’t otherwise respond. How wonderful for you to be involved with that Ann.

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  11. Animals are wonderful in so many ways their unconditional love is beautiful and so precious! I love your Merlin! 😉 he has a cute smile and it is very handsome! Happy to see that your mom got to hold the bunnies, I have a Dutch Rabbit and he is so wonderful he make me so happy! Have a great week! ❤

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  12. I could not agree more … animals have a healing power…. their presence ….the love they bring ..the tenderness makes everything look so much brighter and life so much happier… i love pets myself…. especially dogs and horses….

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  13. Loved this. It’s so true. Animals are amazing at comforting humans. We rescued Vivi 6 years ago but the truth is, she rescued me. She came into my life at a horrible time. I was miserable and she rescued me. period. She is my family and I love her more than words could ever express. I’ve never experienced this kind of bond before. It’s quite amazing.

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  14. I am a firm believer in animals and the comfort and happiness they can bring to anyone’s life. I am a blessed person as of right now that just deals with every day stress, but when i am really down and out… my dogs can always sense it. They want to get as close to me as possible, and I love it. Their love for me and the energy they give off is almost like a healing for me and my mood. This is a great post. I think that there are a lot of places that should allow animals to help with therapy.Great post!

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    1. Hi Mallory, so nice of you to drop by and read my post. I know what you mean about animals sensing our stress and anxieties. My dog Harry (who was a shelter dog) always picks up on my moods. Can’t imagine not having him in my life. I’ll pop over and visit your blog. Thanks again for commenting.

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