Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 20 – Solitude in Nature

Solitude to me means peace and quiet.  Time to unwind in a sometimes crazy world.  I enjoy being with people but there’s something infinitely restful about time to yourself in a quiet space.  Whether it’s in nature or at home.

Sometimes when we think of the word solitude we think of being lonely.  But there’s many people living on their own who are perfectly happy in their own skin, doing their own thing.  In my eyes solitude is a lost art that needs to be embraced.


Like this guy.  I don’t know his story but he looks content. Don’t we all need a bit of this?  A quiet restful place that soothes the soul and allows us to just be.

Whilst I love being with my family some of my most peaceful moments come when I’m alone.  It’s like a form of meditation.


Watching the sun set over the waters of the Eyre Peninsula.

Solitary on the Murray (800x600)

Walking along the banks of the Murray River, alone with my thoughts.

Marysville solitude (800x600)

Grounding myself in nature and all the sights, smells and sounds on a forest walk.

Solitary on beach (800x600)

Taking a long walk on an empty beach lightens my spirit and brings tranquility.

Even kids need a chance to slow down and appreciate the smaller things.

But we don’t have to be in nature to enjoy the art of solitude.  All we need is our own quiet space where we can rest and replenish.

Simple things can bring balance back into our lives.  Disconnect from the world for awhile and turn off your devices, especially the phone.  Savor a cup of tea or run a long bath.   Write or do what ever it takes to makes you happy, listen to music, immerse yourself in a book and focus on the positives in your life.

If nothing else, step outside and lose yourself in the clouds above you.

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” ~Albert Einstein

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

This is in response to: Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 20 – Solitude

It doesn’t take much to achieve a bit of solitude. I hope you can all find some. Wishing you all peace, where ever you are.  Today.   Just be.  And enjoy.

85 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 20 – Solitude in Nature

  1. Wow. I love that first sunset photo. I’m looking at that man, sitting alone with his thoughts & that breathtaking view … And I’m wishing I was him. You’re so right, Miriam – solitude doesn’t mean lonely. We all need time to ourselves just to reset & relax. I really value silent time alone, just peace & quiet to still the mind. Even better if its outdoors. Such a wonderful post 🙂

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  2. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with,” is a fabulous quote and very true. It is nearly impossible to think creatively, meditate, write and ponder life if we are in a room filled with people.

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  3. A truly beautiful written post, Miriam. I agree. Solitude is free and something that all our lives need. I’m one of those people that really does need to turn off the iPhone, iPad and Computer every once in a while. Losing myself in a good book sounds an ideal way of enjoying some solitude.
    Great photography for this week’s challenge. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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    1. It’s my pleasure Hugh, it’s a great theme this week. And I have to say I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to switching off devices. But I must do it more often. And get back to reading a book, it’s been a while. Thanks again for your kind comments.

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  4. Love your photos and message! I love being by myself, perhaps a little too much. I think I’m lucky that I can be comfortable by myself because if I live long enough, some day I might be alone for awhile. This is why I need to be healthy and mobile into my old age, like I said, as long as I live that long. I don’t have any kids and everyone else I know is older than me. I accept it. 🙂

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    1. True, it’s not always easy I guess it’s about finding that quiet spot in our mind where we can just accept and let go of everything, pressures, expectations and just be. Easier said than done maybe but worth seeking out. Take care.

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  5. I excel at being alone, Miriam. It’s probably my greatest talent. 🙂 I like company well enough but I’m very comfortable without. Unless you count the camera, of course ( 🙂 ), or a good book. Lovely photos! Easy to loose yourself in them.


  6. Hi Miriam. The photograph of you, solitary on the long expanse of white beach, struck a chord. Stunning photo of being in solitude with nature. I just loved some of your words, “solitude is a lost art” and “to lose yourself in the clouds above.” Loved your post! 🙂

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  7. This is so beautiful Miriam. I love how you define solitude not as loneliness but as an art that we all need. I am an extremely social person and somehow I get lost when I’m alone. Usually that is when I’m in the house. But once I step outside and talk my walk or run I feel so refreshed and alive to be alone. It is an art I’m working on improving. It is very important to be comfortable in your own skin. Beautiful reflective post.

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  8. Yes taking time out is so Important. I have had a enforced week of hardly any phone and no devices because of poor phone reception in Tasmania.
    I love the sunset photo the best. The beach is so good for time out. Enjoy the weekend Miriam.

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  9. I think a little solitude is a very good thing. Loneliness doesn’t come from being alone, in my opinion, it simply comes from being alone when you’d rather have company. Solitude, on the other hand, is a great way to recharge our emotional batteries. Thanks for this post and the great photos, too!

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  10. Lovely pairing of your words and photographs. Taking time out alone can put things into perspective. I love to take a moment in the bath or going for a walk to unwind. We often forget to take a moment and find ourselves feeling frustrated. Thanks for sharing this post.

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      1. I was wondering where you disappeared to! I hope you had a lovely time. We’re great here. Finally getting some sunshine so we took the kids to the park yesterday. I hope you have a great week ahead. It is Sunday here so that means that it is probably or nearing Monday for you 🙂

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        1. Hey Lindsay, yeah it’s funny, I was only gone a couple of days but I feel like I’m out of the loop, so behind in my reading and comments. And I feel very tired and kinda down, weirdly enough, lots of stuff going on in my world and in my head. Need to take some of my own advice! Anyway, glad to hear you got out and enjoyed some of that sunshine with the kids. It’s Sunday night here now and I think an early night is on the cards for me, but I’ll be back in full swing soon. Take care Lindsay and hope you also have a great week ahead.

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        2. Maybe some sleep will help you recharge and rearrange your thoughts. I hope you wake up feeling energised in the morning and ready to take on the week. I hope your kids have a great week at school since holiday ended. Maybe you can get some extra rest when they’re gone. 🙂 Goodnight dear friend

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        3. Thanks Lindsay, yeah I think you’re right, a good night sleep will hopefully be a catalyst for a good week ahead and more positive thoughts. Love having you there. 🙂

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  11. Some of my most revelatory and peaceful moments have come when I’m alone and I always feel guilty about craving for such moments.. very glad to know that so many other people share my feelings 🙂

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