Thursday’s Special: Forbidding forces

There are so many stark scenes in Australia.  Drive outback and down a dusty dirt track and you can be confronted with ruins and relics, warning signs and fallen trees and forbidding looking places.  We love venturing off the beaten track but sometimes it can feel as though we’ve ventured somewhere we shouldn’t have.

Forbidden ruins (800x600)From the bush to the sea, the Australian landscape is vast and filled with ever changing views.  Some of them come with pretty clear warnings.  Like this one below.

Warning signs for blog

Wanna venture out?  I don’t think so. The risks are obvious.  Yet there are still foolish people who choose to walk beyond the barriers and risk life and limb for the sake of a photo.  Mother Nature can be fierce and forbidding.  It’s best to respect her.

Fury of the ocean

It’s just not worth it.  Can you imagine falling into this.  Raging waters and blowholes are better seen from up high, on the walking track and the look out point.

Storm clouds brewing for blog

Then there’s the very real threat of bush fires, especially during the hot summer months.  This was taken about a year ago when we were camped in the valleys of the high country.  A huge plume of smoke blanketed the sky one night and we were on full alert to evacuate.  It was an ominous sight and I still remember the smell of the smoke and how forbidding the air felt.

This is my interpretation of Forbidding which Paula is asking for on Thursday’s Special this week.

Take care on your travels.  Where ever you are I wish you peace and light skies.

65 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Forbidding forces

  1. I thought you had turned in already. Miriam, this is beautiful. You have captured the drama, the movement, the wild side of the nature as the one that really sees it and gets it. All four examples are more than fitting interpretations for the challenge, but I find hard to keep my eyes off of the last two. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks so much Paula. Yes I’m still awake, it’s 10.30pm and I’m slowly winding down for the night but I wanted to get my post in before Thursday was over. So glad you like it.

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  2. Love the shot of the plummeting water! You wouldn’t need to warn me twice, Miriam,because I’m a bit timid of wild water, but I have a tendency to creep a bit near the edge after ‘that’ shot occasionally. 🙂 Happy Friday, as Thursday has gone for you!

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  3. “Freak Waves” haha. I don’t know why, but I thought that was pretty funny 🙂 Never seen a sign that says anything like that here in the US. Granted…. I don’t think we get massive waves unless you’re in Hawaii or something. Beautiful photos… as always!

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  4. There’s nothing stupid about playing it safe. Let someone else get the stupid pic, then pry the phone from their dead hands! 😉

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