Escaping Time

Love this post which resonates strongly with me at this point in my life about embracing change. Go and check out his blog.

Spinning Atlas


Our lives are complex stories that can’t be written and reduced to simplicity. We are all constantly evolving as people, changing, and making decisions that ultimately alter our future. People are the furthest thing from stagnant; we are dynamic beings. As time slips by, we inevitably change, for better or for worse. In just a week’s time, events in your life could impact you enough to completely alter your mindset on life and the direction you are heading. The amount of time doesn’t matter; no matter how long it takes, the force of change in our lives is inevitable.

Thinking about life this way is a bit unnerving. It is difficult to pin down who, where, or what we will want in any amount of time. We are constantly searching for a purpose and subconsciously blindly grasping for happiness. When you can accept the uncertainty of life, you realize that…

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