Meandering in Mount Macedon

It was a crisp Easter Saturday morning and we had two dogs in the house bursting at the seams for a walk.  So I suggested to hubby we take Harry and Chuckles, our adopted dog for the Easter break, up the top of the Mount.  We were staying overnight with his parents – what we call our ‘dinner, bed and breakfast’ getaway.  For as long as I’ve been with him their home has been hospitable and welcoming.


They also live in one of the most beautiful places in Victoria.  Macedon is the poorer cousin of an illustrious area. As we drive up the mountain towards Mount Macedon the road becomes steeper and the homes grander.  Acres of manicured gardens and massive gates hide stately mansions.  Years ago Mount Macedon was a holiday hideaway for the rich in Melbourne who would come to visit for the weekend.  But our journey was to the very top of the mountain.  I’ve been many times and love it every time.


There are plaques and interpretative signs at the entrance that leads to the top.


Chuckles and Harry lead the way.


It’s as though he’s saying, “Over here guys” but cloud obscured the views on the way up.


As we get closer ornate bushes and gardens line the path to the Memorial Cross.


And then we arrive.  At the top the cross commemorates those who lost their lives in the First World War.


Normally you can see for miles but on this eerie morning the cloud cover was too thick.


But on the way back the cloud cover lifted revealing sprawling views.



These stunning flame trees were breath taking. No wonder the rich and famous loved to holiday here.  Such a peaceful way to spend Easter Saturday.

Joining in Jo’s Monday Walk

Where ever you are today, I hope you get a chance to enjoy nature at its finest.  May the grey clouds part to reveal inspiring views and a beautiful day.   Wishing you peace.

27 thoughts on “Meandering in Mount Macedon

  1. I love this area of Victoria. I see the autumn colour has really come out. The leaves haven’t even thought about turning yet here. It’s still 30 degrees every day. Thanks for taking me on this lovely walk today.


  2. Happy Easter, Miriam!!! It’s so funny to see the fall colors in your trees when I was just out yesterday snapping photos of spring buds. Can I share a secret, though? Fall is my favorite! I love spring, but I think one of the reasons that I love it is because it reminds me of fall. I’m glad you had a beautiful walk and a lovely weekend away. Take care!

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    1. Thanks Lulu, what a great comment and it reminds me a quote I read the other day. “Autumn (Fall) is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower”. How true is that. Have a lovely week my friend.

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  3. Is Chuckles the bigger one? I have a couple of favourites in this series. The one with you in it, and the one with the bigger dog looking towards the Major Lookout. It has been a lovely walk, Miriam. Thank you.

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  4. The clouds gave such an ethereal effect to everything. Stunning views! I keep forgetting that Easter for you is in the Autumn time. It must seem weird to you that it’s in the Spring for us, lol.

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