Getting Left Behind: Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 16 – Behind

Hugh’s challenge this week was to capture something that resonated with the word Behind.  As Hugh wrote:  This week, show me a photo of an object or person that is behind something.   Strangely, my thoughts turned to school days and being left behind or the last one to be picked on the sporting field.  And then they turned to home.

None of us like to be left behind

Here are some snapshots from my world:


Eggs behind doors, chickens behind wire.  A necessity when foxes are on the prowl.  I used to say to the kids when they were younger “never take the eggs without saying thank you.  And always throw something in for them to eat, when you take something out!”


This is our horse Merlin behind my daughter at feed time.   You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, right?   But lead a horse to food and he’ll be your best friend, without a doubt.  He’s never left behind at dinner time.

P1180285 (1024x768)

And riding up in the High Country you’ll often find yourself following behind other horse riders.  But you’ll never be left behind. Someone will always be there to guide you.

Daniel behind a waterfall

And finally, here’s my son standing behind a waterfall as the water thundered down, cascading from a rock face. I’m standing behind him with the camera and marveling at the forces of nature.  We’ll always be behind our kids as they journey through life, whether it’s behind a waterfall or whatever they’re going through.

Where ever we are this week, may we never feel left behind.  I hope we can always look ahead of us and see the beauty in life and in all that surrounds us.

See more entries in the challenge depicting ‘behind’ here.

70 thoughts on “Getting Left Behind: Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 16 – Behind

        1. Hmm, hadn’t thought it out in any great detail. Think he’d have to take a bush plane. Wouldn’t cut it in business class with the first class emus.


  1. Good job on the Behind theme, enjoyed the message and the pictures. I always wanted chickens and a cool chicken coop for them, they can get really cute and fancy sometimes (both the chickens and the coops). Ah well, chickens are not meant to be for now, maybe in future. I always thank the chicken I buy at the store for it’s life while I clean it in the sink, I feel bad momentarily before I cook it, that’s a little weird, isn’t it?

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  2. Wonderful photos for this week’s challenge, Miriam. It must be wonderful to have fresh eggs from the garden every day and I love that you told the children to say ‘thank you’ whenever they take one. I really do love the photos of the waterfalls you’ve shared these last two weeks.

    Just so you’re aware, I didn’t get the Pingback request for this post and when clicking on the link it took me to a larger version of the waterfall photo.

    Thank you so much for participating in this week’s challenge.

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    1. Thanks Hugh and especially for letting me know about the pingback. I normally check my links so somehow this one slipped through. It should be all fixed now. Thanks again for providing another fun challenge. I’ve seen some great entries.

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  3. Noone should ever let himself feel as left behind… sometimes it is true and other times we feel that way simply because we’re sad or tired or deceived…. In that case we should get the rest we need to step forward & show the world who we are ❤

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  4. Fabulous challenge and great post! Saying thank you for what you take in the world creates fulfilment giving back keeps the cycle going for all to benefit. Great reminder Miriam.

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