Mundane Monday #49 – Into the light

I was walking outside tonight, in the cool night air, enjoying the darkness, needing space and time to think.  Time for myself.  Sometimes just getting out of the house, even just for a little while can revive the senses, giving me time to breath deeply and take stock.


And while I was out I looked back in.  The light from our octagonal stain glass window shimmered in the dark, the reflections casting streams outside, giving the colors an almost mystical glow in the dark.  And for just a minute I was transfixed that something so mundane, a window from the outside, could appear anything but ordinary.


In the window pane beside our front door we have stain glass  birds etched into the glass, covered over by wooden venetian blinds. A welcoming entrance into our haven.


When things seem dark, there’s always light to shine the way.  Both from within and from the outer. I walked back in feeling, if not more enlightened, definitely more relaxed.

May we all see the beauty not just from the outside but from the inside, in everyone we meet and in everything we do.  And when all the other lights go out around us, may the one in our heart guide us along the right path.

This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

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Where ever you are today, on this Mundane Monday,may you feel the lightness in your day.

51 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #49 – Into the light

  1. OK, that’s weird. Its your night, my morning and we were doing the same thing. I just this minute posted the same idea, photos at night!

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  2. What thoughtful insights! I also have a stained glass window in my front door. This post makes me want to go outside tonight and see what it looks like from the outside looking in (though of course I’ve already done that thousands of times, but never thought about it in this way).

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