Clip Clop Meditate

Have you ever gone on a trip that leaves such an impression on your mind that it feels indelibly etched?  We had one of these adventures years ago and it was like something from a bygone gypsy era.

At the time it was simply a birthday weekend for our 13 year old daughter.  But little did we know how special it would be.  Looking back on it now, five years on, our horse drawn wagon trip resembles more of a meditation.   Here’s why:

Slow and Steady

Pixie camping

This is Pixie, our Clydesdale and transport, trained by owner Patrick Hedwards from The Colonial Way, the last horse drawn carriages in Australia. We adapted easily to her slow pace and the hypnotic clip clop of hooves soon became a rhythmic part of our day.

No license required – just trust and patience

Tash on Pixie

We’re taught how to drive but Pixie knows exactly where she’s going, she’s done this hundreds of times. It’s totally invigorating to be behind such a powerful yet gentle beast. And with each hour that passed at the reins a curious sense of camaraderie and bond quickly developed with her.  Patience, trust and a sense of awe dominated.

Not just the destination, but the journey

Tash walking Pixie

We traveled barely fifteen kilometers each day and the most traffic we passed was cattle grazing. Sometimes in life we’re so focused on reaching somewhere that we forget to enjoy what’s right in front of us and what we pass along the way.  But not on this trip.


Pixie & Wagon holiday (April 2010) 079

Fuel stop was a bale of hay and carrots for Pixie and morning tea for us.  Simple and nourishing.  Similarly, as we travel through busy days it’s important to take care of ourselves, to rest when we need it, take a break and put the right fuel into our bodies.

Live in the Present

Pixie & Wagon holiday (April 2010) 105

Each day we settled into a new campsite and when evening came we sat around a blazing fire and savored the ultimate outdoor cinema under a starry sky.  We had fun together with only the basics.  It can be easy to forget how to do that, relying on technology and external stimuli, forgetting the most important things are all round us in the people we love.

Savor the Moment

Pixie & Wagon holiday (April 2010) 075

Slowing down to a calm and steady pace under a big sky made us appreciate every single moment.  And we can do that anywhere. All we have to do is step outside, savor the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air.  It’s free for us all and it’s abundant.

Find your passion

Natasha and Pixie

Little wonder our daughter fell so in love with Pixie that she now has her own horse. A weekend away sparked a life long passion. For her and for us. For a wonder lust for travel and the simple things in life.   And so the journey continues.


In or out of the saddle may we all have the chance to slow down and find joy in the journey, in each and every moment, where ever it leads us and where ever we may be.






87 thoughts on “Clip Clop Meditate

  1. Amazing trip, Miriam. I wasn’t but now I want a trip like that. Maybe one day I will have one. It looks to be so funny.
    Daddy, did you read Miriam’s post?
    I will send him a mail, Miriam 😀

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      1. It’s lovelier to regain touch. I was kind of stuck in busy schedule and missed some of the party here. Tried to be here whenever got a chance. and hey your daughter is so sweet.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading this, what a great experience for you all. I’d love to try something like that one day, it sounds like an ideal trip x

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  3. What an amazing trip! It’s so wonderful that you all made the time to make such long-lasting terrific memories. I grew up with horses and miss having them everyday. They are beautiful, sweet creatures. Glad your daughter has one of her own now.


    1. That’s exactly what we thought at the time! I don’t think we’ve ever surpassed the Pixie trip in terms of adventure, though having her own horse now would rank right up there.

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  4. Wow, that’s a different way to travel these days! It must have been a real experience and given you an idea of how it was to travel back in the olden days. I can relate to the slow and steady means of transport. Even just walking or cycling, you seem to take it so much more of the scenery and see things you would otherwise miss being in a car or plane.

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  5. What a wonderful way to take a vacation! Such an escape from the every day pressures of life, and the chance to connect to both nature and the beautiful, gentle horse. I’m not surprised it left a permanent impression!


    1. Thanks Ann. Yes, I didn’t even know it existed until I did some research. Something I’d never thought of doing before. But so very worthwhile.


  6. How special that your daughter became so enamored that she is now a horsewoman! And even more special that you shared this special memory with her. Thanks for the lovely story.


  7. Wow, Miriam! Amazing!!!! You write and post so many thoughtful pieces here, you capture so much of life and the universe in your photographs, it is hard to say that I have a favorite from among everything I’ve read on your site… But I think this is it! I am awed and inspired not only by your adventurous undertaking (it sounds like a phenomenal vacation!) but by your appreciation for all that it offered, both on grand and humble scales. Thank you!!!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this Lulu. Even years later my experience on Pixie is still so vivid and I really wanted to share it with my readers. Thank you so much for your lovely words Lulu, I truly appreciate it!

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      1. You are so welcome. Whenever I finally get to Australia, I hope I have a similar experience. Until then, I’m glad that I can share a little piece of yours 🙂

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        1. And I’m so glad I can share it with you. It makes our world just that little bit smaller when we can all connect like this and share our experiences.

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  8. This is such a beautiful post and you take us, the readers, along on this meditative journey, away from the ties of the modern digital world, to where time and inner peace allow us to take in each other totally. What a wonderful birthday present for your daughter and I’m not surprised she became hooked on horses and that lifestyle. So happy to have stumbled across your blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Annika, lovely to meet you and have you read my post. Yes, it was a wonderful experience for not only my daughter but for all us, we definitely learned to appreciate the slow pace of life on this trip. Thanks again for dropping by my blog.

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