Today, I choose Happiness

Here’s a post that resonated with me, timely advice on looking after ourselves. Check out her site, she has some awesome posts on making the most out of life. Enjoy.



The Neom Happiness Programme got me thinking…all the little daily tasks in the program are things we already know are good for us and things most of probably know we SHOULD be doing. Our bodies and our instincts constantly send us messages and feedback… “I am so stiff, I should really be doing some yoga today”, “I feel so bloated, I should eat a little healthier”, “I feel so exhausted, I should take a nap”, “My shoulders are so tight, I should go for a massage”, “My mind won’t shut up, I should really try to meditate daily”…

Deep down we know what we need, but we tend to ignore, postpone, procrastinate, find a million excuses until we BREAK DOWN completely…Then, when our health is in a state of emergency, that is when our SHOULDS turn into SHOULD HAVES and then we are forced to turn them into MUSTS. But why is…

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