Waiting it out

Two days ago my air conditioner broke and the diagnosis was that the compress0r had blown and was irreplaceable.  Apparently we’ve done well to get 13 years of use out of it. I guess they don’t make things to last forever.

So now we need to buy a new one. And have it installed, which will take time.  As the heat intensifies in the house, I’m starting to feel almost as hot as these spiders that crawled out of this log one long ago camping trip.  I almost felt sorry we were burning their home except they nearly scared me to death when they scurried out.

Yackandandah June2012 446

I know there are worse things in life.  We just have to be patient  Look at this guy below, munching on his seed, he hasn’t got a care in the world.

Yackandandah June2012 281

And this family of emus, they’re in no rush to get off the road.


And this pelican’s in no hurry to glide across the smooth waters.


Everything in nature happens in its own good time.  So we can we patient too.


All I need to do is slow down, take a deep breath and relax.  Like Harry.

Someone will eventually come by and rub him. Good things come to those that wait.


As the very wise Dr Wayne Dyer said:  Infinite patience brings immediate results (well maybe not immediate in my case but eventually a new cooling system).

May we all stay well and be patient on the journey.

42 thoughts on “Waiting it out

  1. That picture quote of yours is the kicker and the definition of grace. Waiting with a good attitude… I always try to say a little pray under my breath, “Lord, help me to offer it up for whatever purpose you have in mind, because you know better than me!” It’s still hard! I am extremely prone to crankiness when I’m uncomfortable AND inconvenienced. It sounds like you are holding onto your sense of humor. Hope all is well soon!

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        1. Ugh! I’m so sorry! 😦 It sounds perfectly miserable. I hope that you have a good weekend, despite it. Maybe the weather will be a bit merciful and you can find some more silver linings along the way.


  2. Goodness, I confess I got a scare myself seeing those spider pics! :shudder: I … don’t do spiders well, lol.

    I feel your pain about the a/c. Hopefully the replacement unit will be there and you’ll be all plugged back in and down to more comfortable temps! In the meantime, I’ll send some of our “hovering right around the freeze mark” temps your way!

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  3. Most days, I feel like Harry 🙂 Great shots and a wonderful look at the importance of patience in our daily lives. You are right, of course, all we ahve to do is observe patience in nature to get a true sense of what the word means.

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