Storm Clouds

Tensions rising,

lightness disappearing.

Adrenalin high,

senses imploding.

Need to regain the moment

of clarity and ease.

Dark clouds looming

ominous and threatening

to drench us,

engulf and drown us.

But we emerge into the light

and under a half baked moon

life continues.


Tonight there was palpable tension in our household. Loud words, too many words harshly spoken. Stresses of the day that overloaded.  After a while arguments go round and round in circles.  Often what we need is space and time to clear the air. And the mind.

Sometimes the best thing for everyone is to take a step back and cool off, literally.  So that’s what we did.  As the moon was rising and the night was fading we headed out for a walk. And then, while we were out the air changed, the Melbourne summer night, already strangely mild turned cold.  The dark clouds overhead threatened to open on us.  But the rain held off.  We arrived home dry, tensions abated, the air clearer, problems not completely resolved, but we’ll  weather the storm. Our moods epitomised the night.

Wishing everyone a stress free day, and if tensions arise may they be mere clouds that pass by and leave you free to carry on and weather the storm.  May you be able to take a step back and clear the air, whatever life throws at you.




38 thoughts on “Storm Clouds

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I used to write a lot of poetry in high school. A lot of that poetry turned into songs on my guitar. And now I use that energy and creativity for business. Reading this reopened a lot of good memories I had. Thank you!

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  2. Wow!
    I know I can be considered a crazy girl, but I love this kind of weather. I don’t know why, but I love it, Miriam. I love to walk when is like that.
    And it is good for taking photos. Right? Your pic is fabulous, despite all inconvenients.

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    1. You’re not crazy, Monica. I agree, there’s something quite liberating about walking in this kind of weather. And yes, photos are always so full of mood and color before a storm.


  3. Beautifully written, Miriam. I liked the analogy of the dark clouds and stresses. I agree, it’s best to cool off and take a walk. Sometimes, that helps the situation. Although, I find it hard to stop once I explode. 😦

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