Maintenance Matters: Mundane Monday Challenge #46

Life is rarely perfect.  As I looked around my home this week I noticed the cracks.  In the corners of walls there’s plaster cracking and paint peeling off, showing the effects of age.   We’ve been in our home over 20 years, a warm happy place of comfort, peace and joy.  But time takes its toll, some things have been broken and left, some have been neglected. Things break, need replacing or fixing.

It’s a bit like life.  Left too long without love and care things can crumble, relationships can fracture and people can drift apart.  Sometimes without even realising.

20160213_113221.jpg  20160213_110248.jpg

20160213_110321.jpg  20150523_130740.jpg

That’s why it’s so important to maintain.  We extended the living area over 14 years ago.  We’ve painted feature walls vibrant colors, replaced essential items yet there seems to be always something that needs fixing. Or something that is neglected. Life is so busy.

More recently, with helping hands, we knocked down the balcony on our decking which was rotting and replaced it with a new wooden balustrade and wire decking.


The centrepiece of our lounge room is an octagunal leadlight window made by hubbs and his talented mother.  It features glass leaves and kookaburras, hand painted and blown, a beautiful painstaking work of art that adds life, light and color to our living area.


Just like we need to work on our home to keep it strong and functioning we need to work on our relationships to nurture them and keep them healthy. To give them the care they deserve to make sure they flourish.

Today, the start of a new week, let’s do all we can to keep the walls of our life resilient, the foundations strong and the inside running smoothly.

This is in response to Mundane Monday Challenge # 46 hosted by Jithin at PhoTrablogger, celebrating the the ordinary and the every day, a the beginning of each week.   This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything …capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

Happy Monday everyone. I wish you all much love and a happy, healthy, strong home.


56 thoughts on “Maintenance Matters: Mundane Monday Challenge #46

  1. Boy, do I know what you mean about the house. We live in old farmhouse, about 114 years old now. We’ve been here 16 years now, and it’s in varying states of remodel at any given point. Nowhere near done, but it’s a labor of love.


  2. The window is beautiful! I’m no expert on either home maintenance or relationship maintenance but I go by the proviso of little and often rather than wait until it falls around your ears. By that time it’s usually beyond repair and / or a very expensive experience 🙂

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  3. It’s so ironic reading this as I was saying just the same thing to my Hubbs recently; that life is like our old house, without timely care and attention, it begins to feel a bit dispirited – certainly can as we age. Thanks for the endorsement! Time to give the house and relationships and bit of a spruce up! 🙂

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    1. It’s true isn’t it. We get so caught up trying to do everything else that the house suffers. And then it starts resembling life if we neglect it too long. Time to vacuum tomorrow!


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