Love & Other Highs

As a traveler and lover of all things outdoors and with Valentines Day approaching this post really resonated with me. Had to share, a wonderful read.



Our brain is a complex amalgamation of neural networks, neurochemicals, and grey matter. Despite remarkable progress being made in the area of neurosciences, there are very few aspects of the brain that have been understood. And the most perplexing is the one that affects 4 out of 5 people on the planet. What makes perfectly sane and sensible people want imitate their simian cousins? What causes that sudden rush, accompanied with palpitations and cold feet? The chemistry of ‘love’ is rarely understood. And yet, it seems to afflict more than half of the planet, with alarming proportions, towards mid February.


What’s our take on ‘love’? It’s like a giant lashing wave that takes you by surprise and knocks you down. Before you know what struck you, it’s too late to turn back, for you’ve already surrendered to its force. Since there is no known cure for this affliction, it’s best to…

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