Home alone or Hiawatha

Last weekend hubbs and I went camping for a couple of nights, by ourselves.  Our kids are getting older now and more independent so for the first time we decided we’d go without them.  Leave them home (gasp) alone.

Getting away from it all – our tranquil campsite

I must admit I felt a bit guilty, at first.  And then worried, but our daughter reassured us. She’s nearly 18 and our son is 15 and they’re both sensible kids.  Plus, they really didn’t want to come. So this was the perfect opportunity for us to hit the road alone.

Kids having fun at the waterfall, but they’re not ours.

We had limited reception over the weekend, which was a good thing, as it stopped me from checking my phone.

That’s my phone on the table, but no reception here.

But there were places to drive to where we could get in contact.  Our only conversation went something like this:

“Mum, the toastie machine blew up … it turned red … it gave me a zap“.  Okay, I said, don’t use it.  So long as you’re okay.

Shush up everybody, it’s my dad on the phone” she says loudly. She’s kidding, at least we think she’s kidding!

Seriously, they were fine. It was good for them and it was very good for us. We found the perfect camp site at a place called Hiawatha, overlooking Minnehaha Falls and didn’t do anything too strenuous … rain forest walks at nearby Tarra Valley, relaxing near the water, eating, drinking …


Somehow food always tastes better in the great outdoors, like our Thai chicken cooked on the barbeque with rice, mango salad and a glass of crisp white wine.  Simple yet better than any five star restaurant, with a million dollar view.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.


Minnehaha Falls is pristine, but the water was very cold. The other half was braver than me. I sat on the rocks and relaxed, a bit of meditating in this tiny piece of paradise.


P1040752 DSCN6239

I love my kids and I love going away with them but I believe it’s also important to have time out as a couple. We had such a relaxing weekend, just the two of us enjoying fun time together. Talking, sharing memories and stories, laughing, being silly and just reconnecting. I think we’re better parents for it when we get back.

Turning up the heat on our weekend away.

Here’s to time alone – when we can get it.  Whether it’s a camping trip, date nights out or just a movie in the lounge room it’s so important to keep the home fires burning.

Wishing you all quality time with the one you love.  And keeping the spark alive in marriage, whatever it takes.

May be all continue to enjoy the journey.


48 thoughts on “Home alone or Hiawatha

  1. How wonderful Miriam! We are still in the thick of things with Sophia being 9 and Max 11. Having any couple time sounds dreamy right now!!! My parents left us in our teens for a weekend growing up. It is good for the kids and the parents. Your camp site sounds wonderful too. What is so funny is our huge creek that runs right down the street from me and empties into the Mississippi is the Minnehaha Creek. It is a Native American name. Minne means lake but not sure yet what haha means.

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    1. I think it means rapid water or laughing water and you’re right Nicole, it’s Native American. How funny that you have the same named creek so close by. It was a gorgeous spot, we didn’t want to leave. Your day will come for couple time.

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        1. Oh wow, what a gorgeous breed mix. My favorites actually. You will have your hands full no doubt, but they’ll be full of good things … lots of fun and happy days are ahead for you. Enjoy it all, including the travel.

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