Wednesday Wandering

Every morning I walk my dog Harry, unless something happens to throw me off schedule.  It’s always a peaceful way to start the day, it clears the cobwebs and allows me to focus on the moment.  This morning I noticed the signs.  Everywhere I looked they were all around me.

20160210_075920.jpgThe creek, normally so clean and beautiful was full of debris and fallen branches and it’s kind of how my mind feels lately.  All muddied with the worries of life right now.  Sadness about my mum, financial issues, school concerns for the kids.  Everyday stresses of life, we all have them at some point.


20160204_081613.jpgBut then I saw the magpie in the tree, warbling as I walked past.  He sat there and just watched me and it was like he was telling me it was all going to be okay.

20160210_075114.jpgFurther along I saw the birds, hundreds of them, tiny birds lined up perfectly on the power lines. All in unison, reminding me of the connections in my life, the many people who I love and who love me.


Then in the distance I saw the train pass and the lights changed. Comings and goings in life. And I thought of how fleeting everything is, how quickly things come and go.  And how sometimes the best way to cope is just to hop on board and hold on tight.

20160210_080247.jpgAnd then I saw the hump sign and had to laugh.  Because it seemed to epitomise today, Wednesday, the middle of the week and the need to slow down to the speed of life.


Happy Hump day everybody. As you go about your Wednesday may we all slow down to see the signs, to be open to new beginnings, new hopes and opportunities.

May we all continue to enjoy and appreciate the journey.


49 thoughts on “Wednesday Wandering

  1. What a wonderful way to bring thoughtfulness to your walk. Thank you for sharing your reflections. I really loved that the birds on wires made you think of connection and that the train made you think of jumping on and hanging on for the ride. I probably would have seen birds and a train and thought nothing of it. Love your creative and imaginative perspective!

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  2. My day starts like yours, Miriam. A long walk with Pufi. She give me strength and energy for a new day. We often find hump signs in our strolls, but I never thought like that. Now, I will probably think twice 🙂

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  3. So beautiful and poignant Miriam. I like how you say that sometimes you’ve got to grab and and hold on tight. I feel like most of my thinking comes when I’m not busy and feel anxious about it. But then it picks up and life is going full spead ahead and I can’t slow down. I want somewhere in between! I went to yoga yesterday and it was really helpful in making me express gratitude and not worry so much! I hadn’t been in a year and realized how much I missed th mental relaxation of it. Beautiful post. 😀

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    1. Thanks Nicole, I’m really glad you could relate to it. Life does tend to speed up and it’s good to find something that slows it down. Like your yoga. Walking does it for me and, believe it or not, so does Zumba, which I also did yesterday. Despite the fact that it’s fast and full of energy I just lose myself in the moment and come out feeling so much more at peace. xo

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      1. I love walking too Miriam and usually go walking or for a run almost every day. Sometimes though walking gets my mind in even more overdrive instead of learning it though. I’ve started listening to a lot of podcasts to just get my mind thinking about other things and learning of course too which I love to do! I love Zumba as well! 🙂

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        1. I don’t do it in the warmer months as
          I like to listen to the birds and sounds but when it is really cold I out npr or a Ted talk on. I’ve heard some really amazing stories!


  4. Hi!
    Too funny. I never heard of a post about Hump Day before. I don’t think I’d heard of it until my husband told me that’s what Wednesday was called.
    I know Rachel M. I also know Danny Ray. I met you on his site. Congratulations on being his featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too.

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  5. Ha ha ha. That was so beautiful to read! Metaphorical allusions to innate objects that we all see everyday! A wonderful and happy mind at work. You will easily take care of things and emerge happy at the end.

    And another faceless guy among the hundreds who love you and wish you the best…

    Keep smiling and Happy Hump Day to you too 🙂


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  6. Your reflections of the world around you are so deep and wise:) I have seen tons of birds hanging out together on power lines like that and just thought it is a congregational bird meeting lol

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  7. Ok I was looking for the guinea pig post but then I couldn’t go past the dog. You could have titled it Hump Day with Harry. Lovely post. Nature reminds us to slow down when we let it in. The trainer and I run, wlak nad ride along the Main Yarra Trail most weekends and I love my little interactions with nature especially the kangaroos. I call those times my soul food especially the times on the bike when I am just accompanying him on one of his training runs.
    Were the birds blue swallows? Amazing.
    Just realised the suggested title might be a bit of a double entendre.

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    1. Yes, you picked it up, most definitely a doubt entrendre. I think the birds might have been blue swallows but not 100 percent sure. Harry is my companion on just about all of my adventures, you’ll see him featured quite a bit in my blog.

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