Pigs and Long grass: Mundane Monday

Lately we’ve had heat and rain, cool days and warmer ones, which equate to the grass in my backyard growing at an extraordinary rapid rate.  Today, finally, I had a chance to get out there and mow it.


But it’s not just the grass that is growing at a crazy rate. My oldest kid will be 18 in two months,  my youngest is 15.  Life seems to be speeding by.  It’s already February.   And still the grass grows. But I’m thankful.  For the sun, the rain which nourishes and yes, even the grass that will grow again.  After all, without growth we would have no life.

And neither would our three little relaxed guinea pigs.  The furry trio enjoyed a huge batch of greenery in their hutch today before it was mowed down.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of their book.


I rush too much.  From here to there trying to get things done. And what happens?  Well, see my hideous nail below?   This is what happened when I slammed my thumb in my car door.  That was over three months ago. I have never experienced such pain.  Ever.  I saw stars.  Now that’s a lesson for me to slow down and be more mindful.

20160207_185333.jpgMundane Monday Challenge #45 is hosted by Jithin at PhoTrablogger, celebrating the the ordinary and the every day, a the beginning of each week.   This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything …capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

20160208_094944.jpg 20160208_112328.jpg

As we go about our new week, may we try and slow down to enjoy and appreciate what’s right under our noses.

May we savor the grass under our feet, the sky above us and all that comes our way.

Happy Monday everyone.






67 thoughts on “Pigs and Long grass: Mundane Monday

  1. Fabulous pieces on your published work Miriam! It is difficult to get anything published nowadays, persistence pays off – you are on a roll.

    As for Mundane Monday – I’ve just spent the past 14 hours catching up on my images and posts – as you know. Just when I was whining (inside my head), mouse writs aching and needed a break – this post appeared – timely! thanks! Cheers Lexa 😀

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      1. Cudos to you Miriam – yes a very long day – the downside to the fun part – yet rewarding! Wifi reception can be limited here – hence the backlog. 😀 Just about to close off for the night.
        Again, thanks for the great chats and connection to your blog. Cheers L 😀

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      1. Our family raised them for local pet stores when I was a kid. I think we had over 20 one time. There’s something about their squeaks that’s kind of soothing. Wonderful animals.

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  2. I know this my sounds strange, but I really love the color of your grass. It’s vibrant and a dark rick green. Very pretty. And your thumb, oh my. I had an iron door scrape my big toe nail off in high school, so I feel your pain. I like the flow of your post, reading it is nostalgic.

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  3. Life has a way of teaching us lessons the hard way 🙂 Things are snow and ice covered here so slowing down is a given. Hope today finds you savouring more slow time 🙂

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  4. Hi Miriam,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked my post about the Sticky Blogging Formula. How did you find it? It’s several months old now! In response to your post, I took a trip to Ireland last summer your photos remind me of.

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    1. I’m not even sure Janice. Something lead me to you, I can’t even remember what, it’s been that sort of a day, but I was happy to find your blog. And read your great tips on blogging. Resonated with me. Thanks for commenting on my post as well.

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  5. I love doing something simple as mowing the grass and reflecting on life. We all should slow down and enjoy those moments. I had a backyard fire pit with my family last night in February in Canada! It was wonderful and I look forward to that magic again. 😊

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  6. Ah these pigs look so sweet! I have always wondered why people call others ‘pigs’ with the intent of insulting someone. I sure hope the pigs call other pigs ‘you human’ when they wish to insult each other. Sounds right,


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    1. Ha,ha. You’re right, they are cute and there’s nothing insulting about them so I don’t really know where that negative intent came from. The guinea pigs don’t care either way! 🙂

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