A sandy highway

I love driving on the beach. There’s something totally invigorating about being in a car with the window down, the wind whipping through your hair and the sound of the waves close by.  Makes you feel totally alive, so long as you don’t get swamped!

Qldphotos-card1Part2 398

We’ve driven on some amazing beaches in Australia, like Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach. This is the Island’s main highway but it’s not your typical one – it’s shared by fishermen, dingoes and even small planes.   Expect awesome adventures here, including possibly getting bogged – luckily there are generally plenty of other people around to pull you out.

Qldphotos-card1Part2 194  Qldphotos-card1Part2 285

Usual road rules apply with one important one, avoid driving at high tide.  Our first trip to Fraser Island years ago nearly ended in disaster after we misjudged the tides and ended up racing along the beach late at night, catapulting through ridges close to the surf.  All our drinks in the beer fridge in the back were smashed to smithereens.


We’ve since learned our lesson.


The beauty of beach driving is being able to get out along the way and enjoy the water, have a dip and cool off.  Rainbow Beach, Kangaroo Island and many of the beaches along the Eyre Peninsula are just some of the many beaches we’ve explored.  Even our daughter on her Learners Permit got a drive recently, much to her delight.

20151228_201323   Tash driving

Nice way to get some practice. Beats driving down the road to the local supermarket.

DSCN8493Sometimes the beach is out of reach and we have to park at the cliff top and walk down, like this secluded beach at Canunda. But good things are worth the effort.

And at days end there’s nothing better than getting out of the car, enjoying the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the softness of sand beneath your toes.


Especially when Mother Nature puts on a show like this.

Sometimes it pays to just get out and walk


I hope I’ve brought a touch of Australian sunshine and summer into your day. And where-ever you’re driving today, whether it’s on a beach, a highway or just down the road, may you stay safe and enjoy the journey.

Have a great weekend everyone.

67 thoughts on “A sandy highway

  1. Miriam, thank you for the touch of sun! I won’t be seeing any beaches anytime soon, and certainly none as beautiful as yours, but as you wrote, good things are worth the effort… and a little bit of patience. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! ☀️

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  2. When I was 10 days overdue with my daughter Dixie decided to take me down a beach track and we almost got bogged. I could just see myself going into labour with no one around to help me! Other than that experience I also like driving on the beach!

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  3. I remember the first time we drove on the beach back when I was 9 or 10 years old… me and my sisters thought it was the coolest thing! Great photos, I need to make another beach trip this summer 🙂


  4. Your Australian touch is too much for me, Miriam. 🙂 I want there and I want now! It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I love especially these to photos:


  5. What fun! Makes me want to leave this Midwest town and drive until I hit the ocean. Love all your pictures. Especially the one with the plane. What an amazing place to practice driving! Bet those memories will stay around for years to come. Gorgeous sunsets. 🙂


    1. There are laws here too and lots of idiots as well, unfortunately. They’re usually the ones that have no idea how to drive, but think they’re invincible, and end up rolling the car.

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