Over the Limit?

I have a pretty good driving record. In my 30 years of driving I’ve only had a couple of minor accidents, both of which occurred close to home, really close, like in the carport. And one teeny speeding fine nearly 12 years ago. I consider myself a responsible driver and think I’m a decent role model for my daughter who’s currently learning to drive.


Every now and then I let out a few choice words if a driver does something really stupid but mostly I’m pretty calm and placid. Except when it comes to one thing.   Speed cameras.  I call it revenue collecting and I think the people who sit inside the cars doing God knows what should go and get a real job, catch some real criminals.

birds speed cameras

So last week when I found a speeding fine in the mail I was unimpressed, to say the least. It wasn’t the sort of souvenir I wanted or needed from our recent trip to the Eyre Peninsula, an epic drive covering over more than 3500kilometres.

According to the infringement notice we were doing 72kmph in a 60 zone. And it was me who was driving that day. Yep, hands up, guilty. In my defence the speed limit in South Australia varies in an instant from 50 to 60 to 70kmph so you constantly have to be on your toes, which I generally am. But this time I missed it.  I almost wish I’d been pulled over, so I could have at least spoken to the officer.  Maybe tried one of these excuses:

excuses to cops

No such luck. I got the ticket in the mail. And I have to cop it sweet, as they say here in Australia. I guess you do the crime, you pay the fine. But gee it hurts.  $415. I can think of better ways to spend that sort of money.

But hey, life’s full of ups and downs, bumpy roads and fast tracks that sometimes lead us astray.  It won’t put me off enjoying the traveling and the journey. Life is a big adventure and when you travel so much having bad days just makes us appreciate the good ones even more.  I just have to slow down and appreciate it all, whatever comes my way.

happy caravan

Happy traveling everyone. Enjoy the journey and remember there are no paths that lead to wrong turns, only new experiences. Stay safe and enjoy it all, where-ever you’re going. Just remember to watch out for those rotten speed cameras.


53 thoughts on “Over the Limit?

  1. Oh, wow, $415 for going 12 KM/hr over the speed limit? That’s crazy. We don’t have these cameras on our highways though there are signs posted in a few places suggesting airplane radars are tracking speed. Which makes me wonder, who is driving fast enough on our roads to warrant an airplane to catch them?

    Enjoyed your post but not the ticket 🙂

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  2. I was just in court fighting a bogus ticket yesterday. Now I have to go back in 3 weeks for a “formal hearing”. Mine was actually issued by a cop, but the ticket said that I was “radared” on a road that I wasn’t even on!!! However, even if I had to pay the fine, it is only $150. Though it is 2pts on my license, which would be hundreds of dollars everyone month extra on my insurance. I don’t know what the speed cameras are, but they sound pretty shady to me!!!


    1. Good luck with your formal hearing (sorry for the late reply, your comment went to my Spam box). Anyway, I hope you get off the fine. I appealed mine and am still waiting to hear back. Not holding my breath though.

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  3. I can’t drive, so the missus is usually behind the wheel. Which works well for us both. She hates been driven by other people and I like been able to lean out the windows and take pictures of the passing scenery. Last time we were in Oz, she was caught speeding by a camera while using her mother’s car, so her poor mother received the fine after after we’d returned to England!

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    1. Sounds like you have a good relationship, you drive each other crazy! Just kidding. Ouch about the speeding ticket to your mother-in-law. A lasting memory she’d probably rather not have had.


  4. That’s the beauty of my truck. No matter how hard I push the pedal, I can’t go faster than 65 mph. It’s called a governor! Grrr

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  5. Fines come out as punishments…because we didn’t follow some set patterns. Sad you lost big sum just for a little over-speed but glad you didn’t take it to your heart :). Part of journey. Loved your way of looking at it :).


  6. Yikes, on the ticket! What I love about this post is that it parallels with life. One ticket can’t even begin to touch all the amazing-ness of your travels, and one little hiccup in life can’t begin to touch all the wonderful things that happens. Love your positive attitude! 🙂


  7. it is amazing to know how technology works in your country….from where I am ..you can speed up to your delight and you will never get a notice/ticket whatsoever…no cameras around though…I am a descent driver myself but driving in our country is pretty dangerous considering that there are outrageous drivers around the streets who never get caught…


  8. I was trying to get out of my last speeding ticket, about ten years ago, and citing the times when I had received a traffic infringement. “i haven’t had one since….( a long time )” Then number 2 son cheerfully reminded me I had been booked while taking him to hospital with an asthma attack. Blew my ‘record’ to pieces 🙂

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    1. An asthma attack … well, that’s a pretty good reason to speed in my book. It’s always worth trying a get out of jail free card. I’ve actually tried to plead my case for this ticket, “for leniency, I have a good record etc” but who knows?

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      1. I was told to write to VicRoads/Police whoever, which I did. My fine was in 2005 and according to my memory the one before was in around 1986.. and not for speeding. I had sent the letter when Number 2 son reminded me of the asthma fine. 😦

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  9. Wow – $415 for going 72kmph in a 60 zone! That seems crazy. I’ve been unlucky enough to get one speeding back home in Canada but it was nowhere near that expensive. Luckily, I doubt I’ll break any limits here on my bike 🙂

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