A Fork in the Road

We’ve traveled on many roads across Australia and I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been faced with decisions and alternatives on which way to go. Which road to take: the high road, the low road, the short cut, the long way.  The four wheel drive track, on the way to adventure, or the more boring but reliable way.


Being the adventurers that we are we often take the back roads. Which sometimes leads us into hair raising situations but inevitably always gets us to where we want to go.


When we’re touring we mostly stay on the main roads and we reach our destination in good time.  As the saying goes, all roads (eventually) lead to Rome.


Life is full of turning points.  And sliding doors and revolving mirrors, with choices we make impacting on how things turn out. I’ve been guilty, more times than I can remember, of second guessing myself, of wondering whether I’ve made the right decision.


However, I’m learning to trust myself. And to accept that the decisions I make will turn out to be the right ones. Whether it’s on the road or off.

P1020104 (800x600)

It can sometimes feel incredibly daunting but if we believe in ourselves – and not be afraid to seek reassurance – life generally turns out for the best.

The Road leading to Arkaroola from the Acacia Ridge Walk

There’s usually more than one road that will lead us out. And if there’s not we have to believe that the road less traveled will get us there.  More often than not taking risks can lead us to the most amazing places.

Lakes Entrance October 2011 426 - Copy

And along the way we often meet the most unexpected people that we might otherwise have missed.


New experiences and new opportunities often show themselves to us and surprise us when we least expect it. It can absolutely brighten our way.


May whatever road you’re on lead you to happiness and may the choices you make along the way be decisive ones.




60 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road

  1. There really was a fork in the road. LOL! LOL! What an awesome road trip, looks like you guys had fun. I love exploring and agree with all above, especially that along the way we meet the most unexpected people we would’ve otherwise missed.

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  2. I think it’s always worth taking the road less travelled – you quite often see some amazing things that way! And I agree you need to trust that your path with take you where you need to go. Lovely post 🙂


  3. I love that shot of the road between the ridges. Where was that taken? It looks like amazing country to explore.

    I once heard of people who set off on an adventure with a coin, which they tossed when they came to a fork in the road – heads for right and tails for left. They had a wonderful time.


  4. these are the best kinds of adventures…go there, then turn right, then….. etc. without plotting out a course before hand. My late husband and I used to take trips like that, just turn off the highway where we had a whim…. good times! Also, since I have roots in Australia, my grandfather was born there, I am always drawn to Australians and their blogs. 🙂


  5. I love this Miriam. It is funny because I felt like my twenties and early thirties before I had kids was always like this. So many forks and so many doubts. Now I am feeling a lot more confident at 44 with my choices. Forks come and go but I feel better about my wisdom. Now only if I had that younger when I made so many mistakes (all with my career as I never ever had a job I loved). But that is how we learn, right! Thanks for this post. I love how it makes my mind think and get out of my comfort zone a bit. 🙂


  6. Miriam, these photos are spectacular and the adventure…wow!!! I think my take away from here is that I need to stop second guessing myself. Terribly guilty of that. Thank you for a wonderful adventure and a great little take away


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. I think we’re all guilty occasionally of second guessing ourselves – the trick I think is not letting it take over.


  7. Miriam, This is great! I love how you weave your physical travels in with the more philosophical ideas. Always a treat to get your updates! Really love the one about the bridges from a while back. G’day mate!


  8. What an inspiring post! Your words really hit home for me, whether in terms of road-tripping or life itself. I love your photography style too.

    Theres nothing like getting lost in new places

    Thanks for sharing with us!


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