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Bridging differences

There’s something about bridges that fascinate me.

Especially ones that open to let vessels through.  I guess they’re just not the norm.

Hundreds of cars and trucks drive across this bridge daily but when a request for river passage comes through it takes priority. Road traffic stops. The control mechanism is switched on and the bridge lifts  We were there one day recently when it did and watched as a paddle steamer and a house boat went through. Life is a bit like that. Somethings the unexpected takes us by surprise. Makes us pause and take stock.

This is the Paringa Bridge in South Australia, which spans the Murray River in Renmark. It was built in 1927 and is only one of two bridges that open in the state.

And on the other side of the bridge, resting on the mighty Murray is where we recently camped. And enjoyed a couple of days of river-side relaxation.

During the day the river was full of activity – water skiers showing off their skills, jet skis skimming over the waters and house boats gliding through. Mostly we watched from land.

At night time however it was different. We walked along the middle section of the bridge, where once a railway line saw trains transporting freight, but which is now a pedestrian track. It became our favourite place for an evening walk.

With my new year resolution to focus on the ‘now’ and be in the moment it was the perfect place to enjoy beautiful sunsets and watch the changing colours of the sky and clouds.

To look out over the calm peaceful waters where only hours earlier it was so busy. To contemplate life and reflect on the year ahead and what it would bring.

With all the changes and differences that have been happening in my life in the last 12 months I can only go with the flow and trust that all will be as it’s meant to be.

May we all go with the flow and embrace life with open arms this year.