A laughing matter

I had an interesting visitor today. He laughed a lot, although he didn’t come inside, he was quite content to sit on my decking. He was small, fat and very cute and I’m not talking about an early visit from Santa Claus.


When I snapped this first photo of the Kookaburra from inside he seemed to be inviting me out.

So out I walked, slowly, carefully, so as not to scare him. He seemed unfazed, just curious of me and he let me get within a foot of him.  I could have reached out and touched him. He was craning his neck both ways, fluffing his feathers, almost showing off.  I swear he was posing for me.

20151210_155126.jpg 20151210_155251.jpg

20151210_155134.jpg 20151210_155244.jpg

A family of Kookaburras have been laughing in the gum trees in our backyard for a while, marking their territory, but it’s been a long time since one actually visited. Today two came.

Perhaps they know Christmas is coming.

Regardless they were very welcome visitors that absolutely brightened my Thursday.



28 thoughts on “A laughing matter

  1. I just love how the Australian bush is so close to us even in the suburbs. You look as though you live in a bush area. I thought you were in Melbourne but having said that, my daughter lives in Frankston South and they are on a beautiful bush block with a resident kookaburra family.

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  2. How grand! (claps hands) I’ve never seen a Kuckaburra…even a picture…though somewhere from my Australian corner of my geneology one of them is laughing in the old gum tree…etc (line from the song…) I am very easy to entertain. 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Kookaburras are amazing birds and we often have them visiting our backyard, which always delights me. Love sharing my little corner of the world.


  3. “they” say that wildlife critters only come with sight if the want us to see them…and I believe it, I have photos of deer, raccoons, opposums…a humming bird, butterflies… all within three feet of me. 🙂


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    (I fell in love with this lovely Kukaburra… a visitor on this blogger’s deck. Charming! A quarter of me (geneologically speaking) is Australian, so critters such as these warm my heart!) Thanks SO much for making that REBLOG button available!

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