Leaves and Elves in Hurstbridge

I was out shopping locally today and couldn’t help stopping to admire the intricate work that’s gone into a colourful Christmas centre piece of nature, right here on my doorstep in Hurstbridge.

This grand Wattle tree adds life and Christmas cheer to the main street of my friendly hometown village. It’s been lovingly decorated by community members in an artistic area which is renowned for its artists, studios and galleries in the hills. Not to mention its talented and creative residents.


In fact all through town there are sparkly decorations on posts, signs and school crossings – colourful signs of Christmas cheer in and around our small shopping strip.

20151207_140027.jpg 20151207_135231.jpg

They may not rival the Myer Windows in the city or be as elaborate as decorations at major shopping centres but I smile everytime I travel through town. They’re cute and fun and no doubt have brought joy and cheer to lots of school children – and adults too, hopefully!

20151207_135817.jpg 20151207_140122.jpg

20151207_135313.jpg 20151207_115649.jpg

A big thanks to the Elves from Salon Vie Hair Salon who went undercover last week to put a sparkle in town. We all appreciate it.


I may live in a small community but it has a big, big heart.



15 thoughts on “Leaves and Elves in Hurstbridge

  1. Just yesterday, My brother in law told me that a girl in his neighbourhood’s knitting sweater for the tree and today you have it here…Lovely 🙂

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