Get Lost!

A few months ago my car was broken into during the night. Actually I forgot to lock it and some brazen good-for-nothing thieves seized the opportunity. In hindsight I’m lucky my car was still there. I only realised because when I hopped into it the next morning the GPS was missing from the dash. Gone. It took me a minute to realise I’d been robbed. I was so upset.


I had so many unfamiliar places to drive to that day, all over Melbourne. I was supposed to be checking out a couple of Aged Care Facility places for my sick mum and having my GPS stolen was the last thing I needed.  I still remember bursting into tears before pulling myself together and managing to get through the day. I’ve since got a new GPS with updated maps, thankfully!


Then yesterday I had to drive my daughter to the other side of the city. I jumped in my car and realised my trusty new GPS wasn’t there. Panic stations! My husband had borrowed mine for a recent trip (apparently it has better maps than his) and yes, once again I had to somehow navigate without my TomTom. I know that probably sounds trivial and maybe even a bit pathetic but it’s amazing how dependant I’ve become on it. What’s the worst that could happen? I’d get lost, big deal.

GPS cartoon

Not that they’re fool proof. The amount of arguments I’ve had with my other half because I didn’t trust where it was taking us. Like across the border into another state. To the end of a track where a gate ended our travels. Down a side road when we could have continued going straight. Sometimes common sense just flies out the window!

And forget the Street Directories. I’ve long ago given up on them. They’re printed in such small print that I can barely see the street names. Sad, hey?

I think I’ve become soft in my old age. Years ago I would often drive three hours from my hometown of Sale to Melbourne with no mobile phone, no GPS and I didn’t think twice about it. Now I have to plug in my destination for a place that’s less than an hour away.

Is it just me?

24 thoughts on “Get Lost!

  1. My husband and I were just discussing this over the weekend. We were way up in the mountains, and the GPS in his truck kept losing our position. I told him how my mom and I had made a trip to the same area nearly twenty years earlier when we had to rely on (gasp) a paper atlas. Yes, we had become tech dependent, too, though I wouldn’t have been heartbroken to get a little lost up in those mountains… 🙂

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    1. Well, getting lost in the mountains is something I can relate to as well, we’ve had a few hairy moments off the beaten track! Good to know there’s others just like us!


  2. Oh my I’m sorry about the car break in. Lucky indeed the car was still there. I used to drive without GPS (I don’t drive here in Indonesia), but maybe because I never wandered to unknown places to start with. But I can definitely relate to being dependent on a gadget.

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  3. Omg that is so bad.. But glad that your car was safe! I can relate with you regarding the GPS too and I think many can too! Me and my husband discuss the same thing – what would we do without GPS?! We have truly become dependent on it!

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  4. I think being/getting lost is a very deep-seated human fear. Before I had iphone maps I sometimes got lost on the streets of London trying to find a friend’s place and remember how anxiety and stress used to take hold of me. I knew that it wasn’t really connected with me having trouble to get to the right address but linked to a greater fear of actually being lost in life/on this earth. Getting better at it, and you are right, modern technology is a great advance. Have a nice day.

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