Cozzie and chaos

After our beloved Blue passed away we waited almost a year before getting another dog. In that time the kids were introduced to the world of rabbits.  But they weren’t the same.

Eventually Cozzie came into our life. A handsome Blue Heeler with a raccoon-like tail but with ‘trouble’ his middle name. We should have seen the signs.


He was from a farm but but looking back now I’m not sure how reputable it was. He was also older than Blue, almost twelve weeks old and the last of his litter. Left alone and probably barely handled.


Cozzie was a cute and playful pup and we loved him but as the months passed we noticed he didn’t like to be patted on the head. He began growling. Then the barking began. And as he grew it became obvious he was going to be a handful. He wanted to be Alpha Dog.  He would try to push his way through the door, he would growl at people who were near us and he had a glint in his eye I never trusted.


Dog obedience classes followed, every week, and eventually Cozzie graduated top of the class. He was super intelligent, he could jump any height, any obstacle and agility course, follow all commands, fetch, retrieve, whatever we asked.  At home the kids made hurdles for him outside but I was always on my guard. Always. Life was not relaxing. At all.

Cozzie jumps 007

We tried to take him on holidays with us but they weren’t relaxing.  We had to keep him on a lead the entire time. He thought his job was to look after us but he was over protective.

05-01-2007 028

I walked him every day and he lived for those walks. I felt safe, but it was no fun when he growled at everybody that walked past. Most people crossed the road when they saw us coming. He tried to chase bicycles and if anyone knocked on the front door he would lunge at the glass pane. Soon even our friends stopped visiting!

christmas 2006 macedon 018

We brought in the Dog Whisperer to try and help.  All sorts of tactics followed to control his incessant barking and aggressive behavior. Squirting water at him in the car when he barked, shaking a bottle full of stones in the backyard. I felt horrible doing it. And my stress levels skyrocketed.

05-01-2007 009

At home the troubles continued. He bit a local boy as he was riding by on his bike. I knew his days were numbered. Then one night our kids put on their karate uniforms and Cozzie must have thought they were strange ninjas. He growled and ran up the stairs, as though to attack.  I screamed and he stopped. That was the final straw.  He had to go.

28-5-07 003

We put an ad in the paper “Free to Good home. No families. Excellent Guard Dog”. It didn’t take home before he was re-homed to the country. He became a guard dog on a farm, probably where he should have gone from the very beginning.

101_000512-2-2007 044

It was a second chance  for him and freedom for us. It was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I think I aged twenty years in the eighteen months we owned Cozzie.

And we were once more without a dog.





18 thoughts on “Cozzie and chaos

    1. He was cute but his barking and aggression was just too much to handle with kids around. It was such a stressful time. Giving him up was the best thing for everyone.

      As for rabbits, I think we had about ten in total, over about 5 years. They were cute pets but I have to say that guinea pigs are much easier to look after!

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        1. No. After my rabbit died, I didn’t want to get another one because I honestly don’t know if I can. She meant a lot to me. I’d love to have a dog, but hadn’t for so many years because my mom’s allergic. Now my brother’s not a fan, so I’ll probably have to wait until I move out and can get one. Someday I’d like one though.

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  1. Some dogs just need a full time JOB. You definitely did the right thing. Our 2nd Heeler Dolly required a JOB, and she’s happily chasing cattle now on a nearby farm.

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  2. Blue Heelers are one of my favorite breeds! He is so pretty. We had this experience with a dog of ours in the past, and it was stressful and, quite frankly, his sudden aggression towards people broke my heart. Sometimes it’s a tough, but necessary decision to rehome. Are you planning on getting another pup?

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    1. Blue Heelers are one of my favourite breeds too but the experience with Cozzie scarred us for awhile. Still, a life without a dog is a pretty dull one – stay tuned for the third pooch post!

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  3. Oh goodness, I know just how you feel. When I was married to my ex we had a dog that simply didn’t fit in on any level. We were the wrong people for him. Sometimes, no matter how much you may love a pet, it’s just a toxic kind of relationship and you have to part. It’s painful, no doubt, but less painful I think than waiting for something bad to happen.

    I’m glad you were able to find a better place for your dog to fit, and to give yourself some peace of mind. 🙂

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