Little Pig Tales 2 – Columbus Returns

We only ever agreed on two guinea pigs. So when Pandora had her holiday fling and three months later four baby guinea pigs arrived we were somewhat thrown. To say the least, as many of you will remember from a previous post.

For those who don’t know and to recap, we went on holidays in Central Australia and arranged for the pigs to be minded. One day Pandora managed to escape from her cage in the back seat of her minder’s car. And there she met up with Columbus, L’s roaming pampered guinea pig. It took only minutes. And the rest, as they say, is history.

They’re over three weeks old now and it was time to find out their sex. So we called in L, AKA local Guinea Pig Whisperer, minder and owner of Columbus the long haired guilty (and undeniably gorgeous) guinea pig.


I didn’t actually expect Columbus to come along for the ride. But apparently he travels everywhere with her. On the dashboard of her car.


First inspection: 2 out of 3 were boys. Just as we suspected.  They look innocent here but these two were already showing signs of rumbling and having their wild ways.

They were jumping on top of the girls, one of which was their mother. Okay, it was time for these randy rats to be separated before another accident quadrupled their numbers!

It was also time to meet their father.


“Listen here kids, I’m your dad.”

This is Columbus meeting his offspring for the first time. I’m not sure whether he looks impressed with himself, proud that he’d fathered the cute fur balls or just plain uninterested.

But it didn’t take long for him to start snuggling up to them and before long it was obvious that father and sons were bonding beautifully.


The little boys didn’t seem too fussed at meeting their dad either.


Afterwards Columbus was content to lie on top of the cage and play Alpha Guinea while the pig babies had a final romp together.

So, to cut a long pig tale short, L took the boys away (at my request) and promised to keep in touch and drop by with them as they grew older.

So now we have three happy girls: Pandora, Auntie Delta and one little Miss Piggy.

We’re planning another getaway in January. The pigs will be going on holiday again as well – do we dare?



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