A Step Forward

Do you ever have days where, no matter how hard you try, you feel as though you can’t get ahead? I’ve had a lot of those days lately. Two steps forward, one step back. Just when I think I have my act together those grey clouds drift over head and threaten to overwhelm me with their intensity. Often I can’t put words or reasons to it, I just feel unbearably sad.


I’ve just returned from my regular early morning walk with my dog. My walks are always a time for reflection but today it felt different. Today, half way across the world in Paris, a city is in mourning, and people everywhere are crying with them. Yet there is solidarity. Compassion. And stories of courage and support.

As I walked I put my own emotional problems in perspective. And then I reached out. I passed other walkers. Smiled. Stopped for a conversation where normally I’d walk past. An elderly woman seemingly delighted to speak to someone. A group of disabled young women and men, stopped to pat my dog. Asked my name. Reached out. Human acts of kindness we all crave. I have to believe that in this world where such a senseless act of violence and horror has ripped lives apart that the rest of humanity can stand in peace, compassion and support.


As the sun broke through the trees and I began my walk home I reflected on how lucky I am to be where I am, even on those days when the grey clouds linger. And I prayed, and will continue to pray, for the city and people of Paris.


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