Meandering into Molesworth

In my eyes there’s nothing better then packing up the camper, throwing together some wickedly delicious food and copious amounts of wine and heading to the bush.  Preferably by a river, with friends. Our most recent adventure had all those ingredients. Just an hour and a bit from our home in Melbourne to Molesworth. Not far to go and perfect for an overnight escape.


We’ve passed Molesworth many times on the way through to the High Country in Victoria and never really considered it a destination in its own right. You won’t find too much entertainment here. But what you will find is a beautiful spot by the Goulburn River where you can just sit back and chill out. Watch the world go by. Throw in a line if you’re so inclined.



Now this is my idea of seriously good camping. Sitting back with a cold one and watching the world go by. Or, in our case, watching out for the elusive platypuses. Yes, they were in the river but they remained obstinately far from shore.


The Goulburn River is a great place to throw in a line for some trout. Or swim, if it’s hot enough. The waters here are pristine but icy. We were content to stay on the shore, look out for the platypuses and take the odd stroll across the oval to the amenities for some exercise … or back to our vans to get another cold one!


If you want to stretch your legs a bit further, the Great Victorian Rail Trail is across the road from the Molesworth Camping Ground. If you head back towards Yea you can check out the 200 metre long Cheviot Tunnel, which is definitely worth a visit. This hand made tunnel formed part of the Tallarook-Mansfield line which operated between 1883 and 1979 and is the only tunnel on a rail trail in Victoria. Undeniably fun to walk through, or cycle through … or even ride a horse through.






And out the other side here we are … just a bunch of happy, wacky campersl. Back near our campsite in Molesworth was this slightly rickety but very photogenic jetty. Probably a good place to sit back with a fishing rod and try your hand at catching some dinner.  It was such a pretty little spot that I snapped away quite a few pictures.


Image 6


Then I made the mistake of walking out onto the jetty myself. It was definitely a rickety old thing and I should have known better. A few wobbles was all it took before the sunglasses fell off my head, very ceremoniously dropping into the deep cold water. I stuck my hand in the freezing water but they were gone, there was not a hope of finding them.  Oh well, the weekend continued.



A blazing camp fire followed by a juicy steak, plenty of golden spuds over the coals and more glasses of red into the night helped me forget about my drowned glasses.


For more information on this great little spot visit the Molesworth Camping website.

3 thoughts on “Meandering into Molesworth

  1. I’m not much of a camping fan I’m a bit too pathetic to ‘rough it’ but your photos & written account paint a pretty serene scene I must say! Love the idea of the red wine too that’s right up my street lol X

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