Horses in the Howqua

The third time in the High Country in as many weeks. But this time was different and highly anticipated. It was our first time ever camping with horses.

DSCN9336 (1280x960)

To get to our camp site at Frys Flat it was dust and dirt for 17kms down a slow winding road which we had to take even slower with the horses on board.  The road to Frys Flat was steep rough and rugged so they decided to ride the horses down from Sheepyard Flat. And while they did so we set up camp. Lucky them!

DSCN9154 (1280x960)

DSCN9152 (1280x960)

Happy horses, relaxed campers, tranquil surroundings.

The area around Frys Flat is a brilliant place for horse riding, bush walking and four wheel driving.  Although we normally like to explore the tracks this time we let the girls do most of the exploring on horseback – and us following.  Through rivers, bushland … the countryside is beautiful.  Relaxing.  The air is invigorating. The icy river water even more so!



 Exploring the numerous Howqua River crossings – easier for some than others!

DSCN9320 (1280x960)

From Frys Flat the Howqua Historic walking trail follows the course of the river and leads to remains of a kiln and remnants of a gold mining past. It’s a fantastic place for a walk, bike ride or horse ride!

DSCN9323 (1280x960)

Below is Tunnel Bend which is also well worth checking out.

DSCN9202 - Copy (1280x960)

Beyond the Historic Howqua area there are some fun tracks for four wheel driving. The Howqua Hills track proved a good place to find some wood for our nightly open fires – a major part of any successful camping trip.

DSCN9209 (1280x960)

Back at Frys Flat camping ground is Frys Hut  built by master bushman Fred Fry back in the 1930s. There are many huts in the high country which he had a hand in building. It’s worthwhile picking up a map to discover them.

DSCN9314 (1280x960)

Just a couple of cowgirls!

From Howqua Hills area we floated the horses up to Mount Stirling and Razorback Hut – the start of another remote alpine horse ride in this beautiful part of the world.


Razorback Hut is often used as a base by horse riding companies and clubs and it’s easy to see why. It’s cosy, comfortable and a refuge from the elements.


While we enjoyed some relaxing time in the hut the girls explored the heights of the nearby mountains.

DSCN9379 (1280x960)

DSCN9359 (1280x960)

Here they are on top of Mount Stirling with their dependable mounts!

DSCN9431 (1280x960)

The fundamental parts of a fun weekend away … good friends, lots of good food and wine, fresh air and beautiful surroundings, a river close by to swim in, walk through and ride across … and horses, if you have them!

DSCN9293 (1280x960)

DSCN9134 (1280x960)

DSCN9225 (1280x960)

Even in the early morning a warm campfire is welcome.

DSCN9166 (1280x960)

And then we were on the road again – until the next time in the awe inspiring and dramatic countryside of the Victorian high country.

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