Breakfast in the High Country

We woke up before the birds this morning. And were on the road before our eyes are usually even open – at least on a Saturday. Yet there’s something invigorating about being on the move before others are even out of bed, in watching the first rays of the sun filter through a moody and speckled sky.

20150228_084653 (800x600)

Our destination was the High Country in Victoria. Taking our 16 year old daughter to a weekend of trail riding in the hills beyond Mansfield and Jamieson. She is helping out actually. For years she has been passionate about horses, in fact I think her first ever word was “horsey”. As a toddler she sat bareback on her aunt’s horse, then she progressed to riding lessons, then eventually convinced us to buy her first pony. She now has a larger horse and has proven that her passion is more than a passing phase – I guess this weekend is testament to that.  This is her second time volunteering – and what better place when you love horses than at a horse trail riding company.

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We have also come to accept that we will be permanently financially broke! At least until she is old enough to work and fend for herself.  In the meantime we are happy to drive her to destinations where she can live and breath her passion – it gives us a chance to get out and about and explore the beautiful Australian countryside.

20150228_094414 (800x600)

There are lots of four wheel drive tracks to explore in the area – but that will have to wait for next time.

Mansfield is the closest town to this part of the high country and a perfect destination for a bit of a high country breakfast. We hit the Bite Me café again for a delicious serve of scrambled eggs and field mushrooms.  My other half indulged in a Heart Starter Burger, which was laden with caramelised onions hash browns and looked wickedly delicious, although fortunately it wasn’t called the Heart Stopper!  The Mansfield market was in full swing and there are some quirky little craft and gift shops scattered along the main street.

20150228_105312 (600x800)

This cute little gift shop was right next door to our favourite breaky spot – the Bite Me Cafe

Mansfield is a great destination. For us this time it was just a “drop off” and a chance to enjoy a leisurely big breakfast, but we plan to return soon to camp with our camper trailer.  Two horses will be along for the ride as well so it should be an interesting experience – yet another high country adventure.

20150228_094858 (600x800)20150228_085923 (800x600)


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